Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thing 7

When I teach I relearn and find the gaps in my knowledge. If ind teaching and sharing my learning is great for reinforcement, refreshing my knowledge and sharing and helping others.

Thing 6

Love technology. Learn new things about using technology or the web to learn and teach.

Thing 5

Keep your tools up to date, seek out new learning tools

Thing 4

Have a go. New learning can be tricky you might make mistakes but it's a great way to learn.

Thing 3

Its great to learn from problems everything in my life teaches me new things and each adverse events only makes me stronger. Challenges and mistakes are great learning opportunities.

Thing 2

Be involved, learn about things you enjoy and you will enjoy the things you learn.

Thing 1- 7.5 learning habits

I am always learning new things. I am stimulated by learning and love to particpate as a both a learner and a teacher. Life long learning is a lifestyle for me and something I do not want to ever stop!

Being specific about my goals helps me to help others. I teach people to break their goals into small steps and then baby steps.